Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hot Salad Coming Through!

There is really no better way to describe this incident than the way I did on SDN (besides, I am not sure that I want to relive it!) :

Y'all, it is official. I CANNOT COOK! I was making SALAD and I started a fire (a big one) in the kitchen. In all fairness, I have to disclose that I have never fried in my life and I was frying these little, garlic and EVOO bread crumb covered chicken chunks. BIG one. I have been working on this meal for like 5 days. (I cut up the baguette days ago to let it dry out.) But, today I had been working on it for about an hour and a half. Gone. We still haven't eaten. Thankfully, I am a real believer in having fire extinguishers in the house. (Hubby didn't even know we had one!) And, it showed me that I actually can be EXTREMELY calm in the face of pressure. HE was freaking out. He is usually the calm one! So, I got the fire extinguisher...took it out of the box, removed the pin...and shot it right at him! I mean, not intentionally...but he was standing next to our bonfire.

Now, we need to figure out where to go for dinner. Great.

Chicken - it's what's NOT for dinner.

Why? Because it is charred at the bottom of a trash can covered in fire extinguisher powder. Along with the grape and cherry tomatoes that had been lovingly chopped and mixed gently with garlic, red wine vinegar, EVOO, basil, salt and pepper.

Nevermind the awesome baguette croutons (approx. 1.5" x 1") that had been cut, dried, and toasted in the oven with a bit of EVOO...don't forget how EACH FRIGGIN' piece had been rubbed with a clove of yummy garlic.

Gee, it was gonna be a great meal. Ugh.

I guess I better go buy another fire extinguisher...I am cooking again on Tuesday.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dude, I'm Waivering...I'm a me John Kerry or John McCain...or any of those other ones

I don't know what to think about this. I have always wanted to become a physician. But, I for some reason, I keep thinking about the possibility of going the dental route. I know, I hear that dentists are so unhappy and so on and so forth. But, nonetheless...
My desire to enter medicine is to have a profound impact on the health, wellness and quality of life of people. (Among other reasons - hey, this is not an interview so I'm not gonna spill it all)
Dentists do that too. I just don't know. It is WAY TOO early in this tributarial (is that even a word?) thought to make a decision. Anyway, that is where I am.

On another subject, we are headed south a day early this week to hopefully get something significant accomplished. I had hoped to spend the summer volunteering or working or twiddling my thumbs, but as we get closer and closer to moving day it seems that I will be supervising subcontractors for the summer. Gee. How thrilling. (Please tell me you got the sarcasm.) Hopefully, hubby will finish blowing up the tile in the kitchen so I can repair the subfloor and we can get the guy in there to lay the cork. I am really looking forward to having cork in the kitchen. We have tile in the house we are in now and it is awful. After standing for just a bit, my heels and back hurt! Cork is much softer. So, that is where we will be spending most of our time this weekend. The kitchen hasn't been touched because he has been working on removing the tile. But, we have granite guys coming in, a kitchenful of appliances that are being stored in the living room, the electrician needs to come do his thing...and so on and so forth. But, before any of that can be done, I need to paint the walls, sand the cabinets and repaint. I say "I" not because hubby isn't helping, but because he is dealing with the logistics of everything (thank goodness). I like to get my hands dirty and would rather that he deals with the details of getting everyone there.

That's about all I have for now. I am being a total bum today. I should have been up and at 'em hours ago, but I'm not. I have a CD (Covenant Discipleship) Group meeting at 2 pm. I am doing it as a favor to a girl we know who is in seminary. They thrust this 2 year project on them (on top of the internships, etc) and don't pay any mind to how difficult it is to get people who aren't in seminary to commit to a group for that long. When my husband was in seminary he constantly had to recruit new people. The group he ended up with was made up of him, me, the then Associate Pastor (who had graduated the year before and knew how difficult it was) and his learning partner (who had committed to a ton more too). It was one of those things where everyone was doing it to get him through. I don't think anyone was really getting anything out of it...and that is exactly how I feel about this one this year. I think this may be our last meeting since she graduates in May.

Ok, that's REALLY all I have for now.

Talk to y'all later.

Over and out.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Best Man for the Job...

Tony Snow is the new WH Press Sec. I am pumped. I have avoided giving any clues as to who I am since the point of "Dr. Underdog" was to remain anonymous. Hopefully, my next few sentences will not blow that for me.

I used to work with Tony Snow. He is one of the most grounded, God-fearing, humble, and talented men you will ever meet. Brian Wilson of the same news outlet is also in that group. When I heard that Tony had developed cancer, my heart sank. Today, I am so excited to see such a great guy move to a new stage in his life. I am even more excited to read that he is cancer-free. The money's not as good in public service as it is in media, but this is a cool gig. That should tell you something about the man. I am thrilled for him and I will be watching a lot more briefings.

If you want a link, here ya go.

Way to go Tony! Congratulations!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Good morning all.

I cut my thumb opening up a container of EggBeaters. Sliced right into it. Now, every time I move it, I can feel the cut open up. Yuck! Max (my physics and calc tutor) cancelled for today...apparently he was swamped with stuff. I don't mind so much, especially seeing that we have made so much progress. I got my Rx sunglasses yesterday...boy, do I feel like a major moron now. I can't determine if it is that I feel "old" because I have finally given in or that I just feel like an idiot. I think it is the whole "just an idiot" thing. I very rarely feel old. Sometimes that is a problem. Usually, it comes on when some 10 year old bops me in the head with the truth in that socially unacceptable way they tend to do it. Nonetheless, truth is truth. I have trouble believing that 31 is "old" though.

I failed to tell about this the other day...
Friday morning, as I was driving out of the parking lot from a doc appt, our friend Judy called. She sounded awful. I knew she had been dealing with a bladder and yeast infection for quite a while, but could not understand why they were still hanging around. Since we get together with them every Friday evening for dinner when we arrive in our new city to work on the house, she was calling to let us know what the deal was since we would likely not be able to reach them and we would likely become worried. (Gee, that was a mouthful) She said that she was on the way to the hospital at the direction of her doctor who suspected that she had a ruptured ovary.

Hubby, the dogs and I got in the car a few hours later (hubby couldn't leave early because he was finalizing funeral plans for Monday. My husband is a minister. ) Anyway, we arrived at the hospital where she was still in the ED. Keep in mind, her surgeon sent her to this particular hospital because he was on-call that night and planned to do exploratory surgery.

They took her in and did another CT scan, despite the fact that she had had one just 4 days prior...WITH CONTRAST. Yeah, pump her full of more contrast. Stupid.

Ok, so the ER doc walked in and said that he was taking over for the other doc that had left. He had ZERO bedside manner. He proceeded to tell her that they could not find anything wrong...there was "no inflammation or anything." Then, literally in the next sentence, stated how she had 2 cysts on her ovary and that ibuprofen would be the best for inflammation! WTF? He gave her a discharge sheet outlining cases in which she should return to the ED...she had 75% of them. And...a Rx for Percoset.

After being there at the direction of her surgeon for 11 hours, she insisted on another doctor. She got one. He was very apologetic for the first, but not much more was accomplished. He did a pelvic to confirm that it was the ovary. She asked that I remain in the room with her during this. I have literally never seen someone in so much pain. How could someone discharge her with obviously so much going on? So, he removed his hands and said "Yup, there is tenderness on the right side as you mentioned." Again, WTF?

They discharged a woman who could not walk into the hospital under her own power...and had to be wheeling out.

She called her doctor. He was mortified at what had happened. The instructions that he had PERSONALLY relayed to the ED at the hospital were:
1. Call Dr. (Surgeon)
2. No staff doctor was supposed to see her
3. Tests had already been run...none were to be done
4. She was to have exploratory surgery

This was such a horrible occurrence that I'm certain happens all too often...but, WTF?

I need to go call her now.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Another drive-filled weekend

I have a paper due tomorrow. It shouldn't be too difficult, but I still haven't done it. I have slept all day. It has been wonderful. We arrived home last night at 10:30 after a very rainy trip from the new house. We met with all those tradesmen and were pleased with all but the plumber. If we never hear from him again I wouldn't be surprised. We haven't received his quote, but I get the idea he will never send it. The crowd moulding guy was a major perfectionist and super metrosexual. Totally wild. I was already exhausted so I was trying to act like I was paying attention while only catching every third word. Crown moulding is my husband's big deal... I am not as nutty about it as he is. But, hubby was busy meeting with the electrician. We are awaiting his quote. The guy that is going to widen 2 doorways (to allow more light into adjacent rooms - not because we are so huge as to require the modification!!) will start the work on Monday.

Plumber - no clue...will we hear from him?
Electrician - awaiting quote (fairly sure he wil come through reasonably - his cousin did the new HVAC a few weeks ago)
Doorway guy - contract signed, down payment submitted, starts Monday
Crown Moulding - awaiting quote
Flooring - starts week of May 15

I am kinda bummed because my new glasses really are making a difference. Not that much of a change with the reading, but a little. This really should be a good thing, but I HATE WEARING GLASSES!

What a boring post.


Outta here.
I have a paper due tomorrow. It shouldn't be too difficult, but I still haven't done it. I have slept all day. It has been wonderful. We arrived home last night at 10:30 after a very rainy trip from the new house. We met with all those tradesmen and were pleased with all but the plumber. If we never hear from him again I wouldn't be surprised. We haven't received his quote, but I get the idea he will never send it. The crown moulding guy was a major perfectionist and super metrosexual. I have some trouble envisioning him with a saw. Totally wild. I was already exhausted so I was trying to act like I was paying attention while only catching every third word. Crown moulding is my husband's big deal... I am not as nutty about it as he is. But, hubby was busy meeting with the electrician. We are awaiting his quote, too. The guy that is going to widen 2 doorways (to allow more light into adjacent rooms - not because we are so huge as to require the modification!!) will start the work on Monday.

Plumber - no clue...will we hear from him?
Electrician - awaiting quote (fairly sure he wil come through reasonably - his cousin did the new HVAC a few weeks ago)
Doorway guy - contract signed, down payment submitted, starts Monday
Crown Moulding - awaiting quote
Flooring - starts week of May 15

I am kinda bummed because my new glasses really are making a difference. Not that much of a change with the reading, but a little. This really should be a good thing, but I HATE WEARING GLASSES!

What a boring post.


Outta here.

Friday, April 21, 2006

A freak I tell you...a freak


I can't believe I am awake. I don't want to be...I wasn't...but now I am. Ugh. Today (I guess it is officially "yesterday" now) I got my new glasses. I look like an idiot. I hate glasses. Did I mention hate? Unfortunately, one can not get my Rx in contacts. Not that I like contacts either. The good thing is that I didn't realize they could do such things with glasses. I took my glasses off this evening and my eyes (very) noticeably moved inward. I am a freak! I like to wear baseball caps, but I look like a moron wearing glasses and a cap. No, seriously. I do. Even my husband said it was "a little much."

Today (Friday) we will head south once again for a bit more work on the house. Hubby has 4 sub-contractor types (flooring, plumbing, electrical and miscellaneous construction) scheduled to come by for estimates, etc. One guy is supposed to begin work on Saturday. We need to replace the pump in the fish pond...the other one went kaput sometime last week and we need to replace it before the fish go belly up. Hopefully, the weather won't be rainy as is expected here. That would really put a damper on accomplishing things pun intended.

I am not making any sense so I will spare you (and me) the pain of continuing this entry. Have a fantastic one. Hopefully I will fall asleep soon!

Until next time.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Eye of cross-eyed

I went to my appointment at the Wilmer Eye Institute (Hopkins) today. The picture of this doc on their website is like straight out of central casting. Black and white shot…bowtie…old…scary as hell. So, that’s what I was expecting. But, that’s not at all what he was like. What a great man. Older, bowtie, not at all intimidating. Totally engaging.

Best of all, he didn’t think I was crazy. I tried not to get my hopes up just in case he couldn’t do anything for me. But, he thinks that the word movement is caused by the fact that my eyes are being pulled slightly toward the center. (Yeah, like cross-eyed) I had no idea. Due to the constant correction by my muscles, the movement of words results. Interesting and totally logical based upon other symptoms that I have experienced. Ok, so it is back to wearing glasses…or trying it one more time. This time with prisms. Go figure. If it doesn’t work, I am giving up. I have a follow up with him in June.

I also have my appointment for a full work up at the Lab School of Washington on the 7th and 8th of June. That will work out well because the OPM Conference begins the evening of the 8th so I will just stay through. I need to extend the reservation for the pups at the pet resort. Yes, pet resort. If you could see this place you would understand why they call it that. Check it out…

We spent more on their accommodations than our own during our last vacation!!! But, they love it there and we are so comfortable leaving them.

Anyway, my eyes hurt from all the light and stuff.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How to change look...

Help...I am so sick of these colors. I want to drop a few graphics into this template but I have no idea how. I don’t want a different template, just a somewhat different twist on it.

Well, hubby told everyone today that he is leaving. Well, he told everyone that he plans to tell personally. No one seemed to blame him for the decision. Some came right out and said that they would do the same if they were in our position. Obviously, those are the people that were chosen to be told personally because they actually give a hoot about us. I am glad this day is over, but now it just remains to be seen how they treat him until he actually vacates his office.

Totally off subject, but I had the most disturbing dream the other night. It was that someone chopped my head off. I put it that way because that's how it was...with a big knife (more like a sword)...WHACK...and it fell off. It was totally strange, not to mention scary. I could feel myself losing consciousness and then...boom it was over. I couldn't scream. I was dead. After my head fell off, the dream ended and I was out until morning. Weird.

Ok, now that I have given a you a disgusting glimpse into my psyche...

We're going for a walk.

Until next time...

Eyes, brain...and skipping history

Tomorrow is my appointment with the neuro-ophalmologist. I will have to skip Western Civ in order to make the appointment in Baltimore. (oh, boo hoo) It will be interesting to find out what the doctor says.

I had my Calc and Physics tutoring this morning. It is amazing how easily this is coming to me. Seriously, I had more difficulty with Algebra! We are just about done with Calc I and will move on to Calc II probably next week. I won't see him on Thursday because of a funeral I must attend. But I am pumped about the progress that we have made! I am planning to take Calc I in the fall so hopefully I won't lose it over the summer. I will most likely take Physics at the same time. Other than those 2, it will be fluff on my sked.

Gosh, I am so tired! I think I'll take a short nap and hopefully get some stuff accomplished later.

Over and out for now.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Bad Days

Hubby has had a really rough day...people dying, others entering hospice and new hospitalizations. Furthermore, looks like the secretary is gonna get the boot. He sounds like he was run over by a really smelly 18 wheeler.

I just returned from the DMV.

Poll: who had a worse day?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

My head is throbbing!

Today was the first Saturday in months that we have been in town. It was busy. We drove all over creation getting things done, but it wasn't all bad...we took the convertible.

I couldn't get school off of my mind though. Present school and future school...but mainly future school. As badly as I want I want this? That doesn't make any sense. But, really. Do I have what it takes? Do I have the stomach for it? What if after humpin' it for 2 more years I pass out on the first day of cadaver lab? What if I continue to pass out day after day after day and they kick me out? I know, it is a little early to be obsessing about this - but that is who (or what) I am. Ugh. I am considering going in a different direction with my second degree. I am currently majoring in Journalism...mainly because I have a lot of experience in it and need the high grades. But, I am considering changing. I don't know. Maybe PT? That way, if I can't get into med school I will have the option of getting a Master's in PT. I just don't know. I even thought about the PA route. I just don't think I will satisfied without going what I consider to be "all the way." I will always wonder "What if..." That's no way to live - ESPECIALLY if I can help it.

I need to quit obsessing. My head hurts.

On to other things...we chose the granite for our countertop in the kitchen and the vanity in the bathroom. It wasn't as much fun as I was expecting. The warehouse was loud and I couldn't wait to get out of there. Despite that...we chose some beautiful ones and I believe we will be extremely pleased with the result.

Well, hubby and I are going for a walk (even the little things help with the buns)... I am sure I will be thinking about school the whole time.

Later y'all.
Have a Happy and Blessed Easter.

Friday, April 14, 2006

On the Road Again

Yesterday was a whirlwind. I really wasn't looking forward to driving south to the new house because my neck is still quite painful. I decided to take the SUV as opposed to the Z3 (but, after paying $3.28/gal for gas I was regretting it) because hubby and I thought that it would be more comfortable. WRONG. I got 20 miles south and realized that it didn't matter which car I took...I was going to be in pain. The appliances arrived in 2 deliveries because apparently someone moved half of our shipment to another area of the warehouse and the driver didn't clue in. But, the delivery guys were great and returned 45 mins later with the rest. I quickly changed clothes to go have dinner with our friends. It was Jim's birthday. We went to a steakhouse. I should have known it would go downhill from there. I don't like steak.

So, I ordered grouper. OMG. It was so rubbery! So, ended up eating a baked potato and rice pilaf for dinner. Oh yeah, and a side salad. Nothing like carbs. Then Judy needed to pick up a Rx before the pharmacy closed at 9pm so we (all being in one car) drove over there and WAITED FOR 25 MINS! I was exhausted, my neck was hurting, I still had a long drive home, and I sitting next to the most annoying woman (God bless her) who wouldn't quit talking. **

I ended up making it home about 11:30 last night and had an appointment at 7am.

I am babbling and have much to do. I will be merciful and shut up here.


**another story, another day

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

(There's no title for this one.)

It was worse than imaginable.

Dear God, may those souls rest.

Killing in the name of God? What "God" would have you kill? Deplorable.

But, may we remember that there are bad apples in EVERY bunch. They are the exception...not the rule.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Puppies - they grow up so quickly

Does anyone know how to change the look of this template? It is driving me batty. All I want to do is toss a different header up there .. nothing too snazzy. If you know...please tell me. I am tired of this ugliness.

I went to the massage therapist today and I am thrilled to report that I am feeling a bit better. Really, I shouldn't call it until I wake up in the morning and stiffness has had a chance to set in, but so far, so good.

Today was Callie's birthday. She is 7. Ahh yes, I remember the old days...she was 15 pounds and co-dependent. Now, she is 114 pounds and co-dependent. My sweet puppy. For your viewing pleasure:
And, because her little sister will get ridiculously jealous, here's Abbie:

Those are the ones that either keep us calm and drive us insane at the same time. We love them tremendously.

That's all I have to report for now. Well, except that I got a new Chemistry book in the mail. Yes, that is where my life has gone.

Beam me up, Scotty.

My head would fall off...

...if it weren't being held on by these super tight muscles in my neck! OUCH!

This thing is killing me. I thought that it would go away. But....NOOOOOO! Not know what exactly it is (perhaps just a crick) I hesitated calling my massage therapist for fear that it may make things worse. However, this morning when I woke up I had had enough. I called him before 8am. Thank goodness he has an appointment available today. Wish me luck.

Hubby has been so wonderful. He always takes care of me. It is so sweet. This morning, he brought breakfast up for the two of us so that I wouldn't have to move much. Strawberry Delight Shredded Wheat (HOLLA Nikki!)

Today, they were going to deliver the appliances to our new house, but that didn't work out. (I had already cancelled tutoring! Ugh!) Apparently, they wanted to drive a semi down the street of a neighborhood with century old houses. When they built the neighborhood, it was not designed for huge trucks. There are (relatively) low hanging wires and many of the houses do not have garages requiring the owners to park on the street. So, a smaller truck must be used. Of course, they act as if this is some horrible thing. Anyway, we will hopefully find out when they will deliver the stuff soon. I suspect that it will be Thursday. My tutor is out of town on Thursday, so we won't meet at all this week. But, I have been concentrating my efforts on the Western Civ exam that I had yesterday so I really haven't studied for Physics or Calc...I'll do that this week.

Less than a month left of Western Civ!! Amen, Alleluia and Praise the Lord! Then it's gonna be Physics and Calc hardcore! I plan on taking those both in the fall. As long as it isn't some sort of HISTORY! Aggh!

Ok my fellow Earth dwellers...over and out for now.

Monday, April 10, 2006

History and Ham

I had my Western Civ exam today. It is hard to judge how it went...could have been really great or really horrible. Usually, students know how they did before they leave the class, but I had to leave immediate following the completion of my exam since I was not sure how my neck was going to behave. While I am not exactly certain how I hurt it, I thought the situation was merely a crick. Upon further thought, I realized that it began hurting after I shook my hair dry. (Yes, like one of those shaggy dogs) When I lifted the blow dryer, I suddenly felt this pain shoot through my neck. So, here we are. My movement is quite limited. I am already bruised from my hubby massaging so much, so I don't know if I should go to my massage therapist and possibly make the situation worse. I guess we will see how things go. Anyway, I look forward to finding out how I did on the exam.

It is a gorgeous day out. I really want to go out driving, but the whole neck thing takes a lot of the fun out of it.

I ordered a ham for this weekend. Yes, I am actually going to prepare a meal. We went to a Chinese restaurant on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I don't want to do that again. I don't like holidays so much. Growing up, things were a bit different. There were family or family friends (who didn't have family nearby) around. Unfortunately, the social environment hasn't been very welcoming, the only family we have here is my sister-in-law and her husband. Him, I can stand. Her...I would rather be alone. Why don't we travel to see my side of the family? Perhaps I will get into that another day. Besides, it's really not an option with my husband's profession. Perhaps I will visit that as well on another day.

It is too gorgeous not to go driving in the convertible. I have a few places to need to go...see ya.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


I have the best husband in the entire world...and the most thoughtful. But, pick a day (ANY day) and I would have told you that! The guy really is awesome and we are so blessed.

But, yesterday he indulges me in the biggest luxury of my life. I love cars. There are no 2 ways around it. People have often asked me what my dream car is...I don't have one. My dream car situation would be to drive a different car everyday. I love cars. I worked for a Cadillac dealer for a very short while years ago and I was in heaven. I learned so much, especially from the guys in service!

Ok, so yesterday...he bought me a BMW Z3! We share all funds (low or high) so in reality it came from both our pockets, but he never even test drove it. How much fun! It is quite a change from the Nissan Xterra that I have. I love that one too! But, going from 2 tons of steel @ 15 mpg to a tiny, 2 seat convertible @ 3o mpg is a change to say the least. Unfortunately, on our trip back home yesterday the weather was yucky (rainy and 44F) so I had to drive with the top up and the heat on...but today is another story (she types while reangling her body as to not be blinded by the sun beaming through the window).

Oh, the color? Deep green with a khaki top. Yum!

I better get my studying done so I can have some fun today!!

How sweet is he?

Out over and out.

Friday, April 07, 2006


I have no idea what I did to my knee, but usually things don't just keep hurting me. My quads are wiped today after our ride yesterday and I am a bit dizzy, but (as strange as it may seem) I have noticed a correlation throughout my life between sore quads and dizziness. Go figure. Anyway, I had a doc appt this morning and then had coffee (well, I had tea) with a friend. I was going to go to the pharmacy to pick up my meds before coming home, but I didn't. The second I walked in the door I laid down on the floor. I was dizzy. Ugh. I don't like that.

Hubby has a meeting at work and will be home in about an hour so that we can head south. Frankly, I would rather not go this weekend. I am exhausted. Next weekend we are staying here..that is unless the appliances are scheduled to be delivered at some strange time in which case I will scramble down there to let them in. I can't wait to veg through a Saturday. It has been a while! Before we bought the house we were looking for houses on weekends and since we closed we have been working on the house. Aggh.

I got this really great book yesterday that was designed for MCAT prep, but as I have looked through it I noticed that it will be very helpful in my classes as well. Interested? Check out .

My new watch arrived yesterday as well. I really like it.

Ok, I am going to get some stuff together and try to get a few minutes of rest before we must leave.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Keep Pedaling, Fat Chick

It has been a while since I have been biking and whoa do I feel it! Mr. Underdog and I fastened our helmets and jumped on to our newly tuned up bikes for a ride through the woods and into an adjacent park. It was nice that the trail had been cleared and widened, but it took most of the challenge out of it. I always enjoy showing up my hubby by jumping a tree branch which requires him to dismount and carry his bike over. None of those today. It was smooth. Ugh. We made it over to the park and rode on to the paved path. Nothing much exciting there. Usually, we will venture off into the areas that are marked "No Bikes" (all but the one we enter on is marked that way) for a little extra challenge. Today, we decided not to. So much vegetation had been pummeled that I felt guilty contributing to the effort. Anyway, my knee began hurting about halfway through, but we continued. The entire ride was a little over half of what we used to do daily. The most pathetic part was that we were both winded when we pulled into the driveway. So sad. I am in awe of those cyclists who hump it through the winter...not for me. When I lived in Texas (born and raised) weather was not a factor...cold weather that is. Obviously, heat is one thing that the state is known for.

(Note: yes, I know I am ending a lot of my sentences with prepositions...just deal with it)

Of course, the last time I rode in Texas I ended up strapped to a back board with a C-collar in the back of an ambulance. Stupidity. That's all I can say about it. Stupidity.

I am exhausted. A little pasta salad and non-alcoholic wine (I am allergic) and I'm done for the night. Perhaps tomorrow I will relive the tale of my total inability to focus during my tutoring session this morning. I also need to study for my exam coming up on Monday. Ugh.

Anyhow, I have an appointment with my shrink in the morning and then off to coffee with a friend. Somehow I hope to work in getting the oil in my car changed before heading south for another 21 hour whirlwind work session.

Ta-ta for now.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Shadow Spot...DONE!

I am pumped! Went to see my doc and asked her about shadowing. She was all for it. BONUS! She also offered to give me the phone number of a doc friend of hers in the city where we will be moving next month! So, perhaps that will turn into another shadowing opportunity. Not to mention LORs down the road! Love it! I will be driving about 2 hours each way to shadow Dr. G. (once we move) but you won't hear me complain - I really can't ask for a better doc/person.

I had my last post-op appointment. Yes, my boobs look great. (ha!) I had a reduction in late October. Today, was just pretty much for my "after" pics and a chat (as usual).

I am pumped! I am a shadow to an awesome surgeon!

Boobs, Shadowing, and Moving - Oh My!

Today was supposed to have been my Calc and Physics tutoring, but I think I ate something the other night that didn't agree with me. I felt awful yesterday. I couldn't change positions without my stomach burning. It was probably just an overabundance of spicy food the night before. Nevertheless, I was afraid that I would not make it through tutoring so I cancelled.

I have an appointment with my plastic surgeon today. It's the last follow up! Don't get me wrong, I adore my surgeon but I have wanted to have this procedure done for many, many years and the fact that this is the last appointment represents that I had the courage to go through with it. We end up just chatting about life in general in between her glances at the (fabulous) work she did. I have told her about my plans to go to med school (when, who knows?) and she is surprisingly very supportive...even enthusiastic. Today, I plan to ask if she will allow me to shadow her. I don't think I have any desire to go into plastics, but I think it will be helpful nonetheless. Not to mention the opportunity to shadow someone that I hold in such high regard, knows me and is obviously supportive of my plans. How cool would that be? I'll let you know how it goes.

It is beautiful outside today. Sunny and a high of 58F. I guess I could get a bit of studying done for my exam on Monday. I don't know if the postponement was a blessing or a curse. I am just going to stress about it until it is over...but I don't know if I will actually do any better than I would have this week. I really need to start packing for the move; I realized yesterday how quickly it is approaching. The moving company that we use doesn't charge extra if you want them to pack for you, provided it is done pre-move day. But, I am quite anal about things (yes, I know it...that's why my screen name is Type A on SDN) so I am not too crazy about someone else packing for me. I did allow them to pack 7 boxes last time, but I packed the first 53. I also listed the contents according to box number on a spreadsheet. It is so worth it. My husband thought I was crazy until I could tell him exactly where he could find something. Ah ha!

I need to go eat breakfast (probably something super bland if I am smart) and then map out the day.

I'm outta here.

Monday, April 03, 2006

No relief.

We didn't end up having the exam this morning. It seems that our professor fell down some steps near one of the classrooms a week ago and sprained his ankle or foot or something. He rattled on for quite a bit about it, but never really made much sense. Anyway, we have an extra week to prepare for the exam, but I kinda wish that the trauma was over.

Speaking of trauma...Jill Carroll (former freelancer for CSM, now staff) is back home. Thank God. This is particularly moving for me as I was a freelancer for a news organization as well and several of my colleagues and some friends (most are not friends in media) were sent to Iraq to cover the war. While an excellent opportunity, nonetheless EXTREMELY dangerous. It is a bit disturbing how people have lambasted her publicly for making anti-American statements while in captivity. I do not know Jill Carroll, nor am I reader of CSM, but I believe it is utterly wrong to criticize someone for saying things (that they have admittedly denied feeling) under duress. If I had 3 machine guns pointed at me I would say just about anything. The situation is very bad. While I will not express my feelings about whether the war is right or wrong, I will say that death of innocent people is disturbing - soldier, journalist or civilian. Probably the most disturbing thing I have ever seen was while I still working in news. An American hostage was beheaded and the scene was broadcast over the Internet. One of the correspondents and I stared at each other - speechless. It was not a quick death. They sawed and sawed...and he screamed. I don't know that I will ever forget that. Someone said a few months ago about the murder of a family with 2 children: "When those little girls get to Heaven, I hope they don't know how they got there." --- I hope that poor hero doesn't either.

I was going to write about fibromyalgia today, but I think this was more important.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I do not worship History

No church for me this morning. My hubby woke me up in time to say goodbye, but knew that I probably wouldn't be going after I spent last night hacking up a lung and rocking back and forth while moaning because of some horrible Fibro flare. Anyway, I have read the chapter summary and outline for the first of 4 chapters that we will be tested on. Gosh, I hope something stuck. I am not entirely sure why I have such a block when it comes to History. I will be so glad when this semester is over. If I can just land a "B" (a B- will even do the trick) I will be elated. I am in excellent position to do that...even an A is possible at this point.

I haven't spoken yet this morning. I am afraid that if I start talking, I will start coughing.

It is a gorgeous day outside today. Perhaps I will study while lying in the hammock in the back. I'm afraid I will become so relaxed that I will fall asleep though. :) I need to get through these chapters...even if it is a crappy read that I can't follow.

Anyway, I am gonna close here. Get out and enjoy the day. Oh, and as they keep writing in my History book:

Pax Romana

Over and outta here.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Time is running out...glad I bought a watch

I finally bought a new watch tonight. My dress watch of several million years died a while back. It's probably just a battery issue, but I am very ready for a change. So, a few months ago, I said that when I "got down to XXX pounds" I would get a new, "nice" watch. I have kept to that. But, my wrist feels naked! Tonight I bought a really cool looking Swiss Army watch with a leather band. Women's watches (if they are not some sort of metal) have always looked funny on me so I am anxious to see how this turns out.

I guess my watch purchase was just in time as we rushed south to the new house for another 21 hour whirlwind workday. We are very behind. We are scheduled to move in May and the house isn't even painted yet! Let's see, how much do we have to do?

1. Paint interior walls...yeah, all of them
2. Paint ceiling (hubby just got this task - he is better at it than I am)
3. Crown molding installed
4. Floors refinished
5. Fence installed (our next door neighbor has been so wonderful...offering repeatedly for the pups to stay in her fenced yard)
6. Electrical: light in master bath, light in kitchen, total rewire of the house
7. Phone jacks installed (there are 2 in the whole house!!)
8. Choose granite and have installed in kitchen
9. New vanity in master bath
10. Ok...let's face it, the master bath is getting a total remodel
11. Sand and paint kitchen cabinets
12. New kitchen floor
13. The new appliances still have not been delivered (which is ok, because we have nothing but a subfloor in the kitchen right now)
.....I don't even want to consider what I would come up with if I were to actually start "thinking"!

Yes, all of that and we have about 7 weeks. We are only there from Friday afternoon until Saturday evenings and this is beginning to freak me out. I got 2 rooms primed today; not entirely but enough to call it an accomplishment. My hands are so swollen from painting! But, I can't complain. It is a wonderful house that we feel very blessed to have. This house did not show well. The owners before us vivid taste in paint colors. I spent waaaaay too much time slathering the first layer of primer on the ceiling of the master sunroom. Yes, primer on a ceiling. Why? It was bright blue! There was nothing subtle about it. It's going to take 2 or 3 coats to cover the "taste" they had. Every room of the house was a different color and we are not talking attractive colors (at least in our opinion!) has a PURPLE DOOR! Which is actually growing on me...AGGH!

So, what HAVE we done?
1. Removed most of the ceramic tile in the kitchen (hubby's job that he has spent probably 30-40 hours on -- the stuff is on there like crazy!)
2. New HVAC systems installed
3. Dining room - primed and painted (including ceiling)
4. Living room - primed and painted (including ceiling)
5. Foyer, stairs and 2nd floor hallway - primed
6. Exercise room and my office (70% primed)
7. Old appliances (except dishwasher) out of kitchen
8. Security system installed

Enough! That's it! I can't think about this anymore! Ok, I'll think about it but my hands are too swollen from painting that I am not going to type about it anymore.

Tomorrow is cram day for "straight from he!! History exam".... ugh.

Ooh, can't forget to mention that I got an appointment at Johns Hopkins for the 19th of April. Hopefully they can get this to stop! How cool will THAT be??

Take care...I'm outta here!