Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More rambling

Sorry that this blog hasn't been very education oriented...I am waiting for school to start. So for now, I working on the house. Today, I painted...again. I also went and bought some flowers and planted them in the pots on our front porch. Cute...very cute. Maybe tonight I will be able to line the shelves in the kitchen and unpack some dishes. Imagine...just imagine it.

Anyone out there know how to miter and install crown moulding? I think that will be my next MAJOR project. I say major because I cannot miter to save my life. Not to mention, there is furniture everywhere and we have 10 foot ceilings. That's the reason we are not having someone come and do it. The guy said that everything had to be out of the rooms...yeah, right. Can you say grand piano? The darn thing isn't moving.

Still need to get my ID for school. Still reading "First Cut." Ready for a nap. Need to dry my hair since I just took a way overdue shower.

Well, better go.

No, you will never get back these last 4 with it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Catch Up Time!

It has been a while since I posted so I thought a rough overview of what I have been up to was in order.

We got moved in...sort of. I have not opened the boxes, much less have I begun to unpack them. Only a week and a half more until hubby is finally here to stay. While we would love to have a 4th of July party, I don't see how that is realistic when we have only one path to navigate through the living room. You know it is bad when people walk through the house and don't know there is a grand piano right next to them. I did finish painting the walls in the kitchen....finally. It looks really wonderful. The kitchen is going to be beautiful when everything is done and I must say that it is probably the rooms that is closest to being complete. I still need to re-sand (don't ask) the cabinet doors and paint them. The granite is in as are most of the appliances and the new floor. The dishwasher is still in the center of the room b/c the plumber needs to come over once more. Which brings me to another issue...the master bath. We bought these gorgeous faucets for the bathroom and had Juperana Tobacco granite installed...the two together literally took my breath away. Simply beautiful. The problem arose when the plumber attempted to install the faucets. The threading that is required to attach them to the decking is too short. So, I called Delta (the faucet manufacturer) and I had to order some "thick deck kits" so that the faucets can actually be used. While I wasn't thrilled about having to pay an additional $46, there weren't any other fixtures that we liked better and they still ended up being more cost effective than the next choice. So, we are waiting until the kits arrive to call the plumber to finish the work in both the kitchen and the bath. After that, hubby and I have called a moratorium on construction/remodeling by outside vendors for a while. I am sick of having people in my house. The vast majority of the workers are terrified of the dogs (which I am ok with) but I am sick of having to sit in a room with the pups so that I can have some peace an quiet and the poor dogs don't think we are punishing them. Putting them in the backyard (which was a big requirement b/c of them) is not always a possibility b/c people must go in and out to complete the work they are doing...or it is too darn hot to have the dogs out there for hours on end. Anyway, I am extremely happy about the kitchen and hope to get at least one more room done today.

I went to orientation last week. It was pouring down rain and I had no idea where to find an I wore my raincoat. Unfortunately, raincoats do little to protect one's face from sprinkles and now that I wear glasses --- let's suffice it to say that it was not fun. Aside from not being able to get most of the classes that I wanted (so I took what I could get), it was an enlightening experience. It appears that my classes will be filled with freshmen, but there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to use this semester as a GPA booster. I am taking Nutrition, First Aid, Chem, Mass Comm and Algebra. Despite having just complete Calc I & II, I bombed the Algebra placement test and so I am in that. Hubby keeps telling me that I should go take it again, but frankly I am fine with this. I haven't been in full-time class for like 10 years or something and I would rather take some more chilled back classes than freak myself out the first semester. My mentor thinks that I should drop the First Aid, b/c 12 hours is enough with all the labs. Not to mention..she asked "How many times can you learn to put a Band-Aid on?" Funny. I promised her that I would drop it if the schedule seemed like too much. She was satisfied with that. We'll see what happens.

I met the Director the formal post-bacc program who tried to convince me to jump into that. I just don't think I am ready. It is known as one of the roughest in the nation. Perhaps I will transfer into it next year. He was satisfied with that.

Congrats to all my buds who killed the MCAT. You guys rock and I hope that you will impart some of your extensive knowledge to me when the time comes.

I know I haven't covered everything, but I really need to find a Chem book and start reading.

Ta-ta for now.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday..which bed do I sleep in tonight?

Even though we pay a mortgage and have a house full of boxes somewhere about 2 hours south of where I write this, I feel pretty homeless right now. Last Tuesday, I packed suitcases, threw them in the back of my SUV and the dogs jumped in the backseat for the trip to DC for my Old PreMeds conference. I dropped them at the kennel and met up with my hubby at his office. I had scheduled some testing months ago to be done in DC and it was convenient that the conference began just hours after the testing concluded. We stayed 2 days with a church friend and then moved to the conference hotel for 3 nights and now I am back at the friend's for 2 nights so that I can go to a previously scheduled appointment this evening. I will drive back home tomorrow. While it is wonderful to have people in your life that will offer their guest room to you on an indefinite basis, we aren't even moved into the new house yet. I miss the dogs, our bed and the freedom to run naked through the house if I so choose! I feel guilty not yet having made an appearance downstairs yet to at least say "Good Morning." It is now 9:33 am. Perhaps she thinks I am still asleep? I doubt it. But, it is raining outside so laziness is completely possible.

The conference was fun. I met some great people and enjoyed some wonderfully interesting lectures. I learned a lot and changed my mind on a few things as well. If you are not familiar with Old PreMeds, check out their site (link in the right margin of this blog). Even if you aren't an OLD pre-med, there is a ton of great information to be had. The conference was completely informal which facilitated an open forum for questions and discussion. I highly recommend going to the next one. I will be there! Mark your calendar for June 7-9, 2007 in Chicago.

I guarantee that you will meet someone there that will give you hope as well as someone for whom you will provide the hope.

Peace out.

Monday, June 05, 2006

We have Internet!

I am pumped...the tech came out today and we finally have connectivity at the new house! Just in time for me to leave. I am headed to DC and Arlington, VA for a some testing and then on to the Old Pre-Meds Conference. I am totally hyped up about the conference. Someone from SDN got ahold of me and we are hoping to link up and attend some of the sessions together. It's too bad more people aren't going, but I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to check it out. I think it will be just what I need at the beginning of this long road.

I was going to continue with this entry, but it is late and I just finished watching a movie with a neighbor. I am hoping to get on the road before noon tomorrow and get an appointment with my hair chicky to get a cut...well, we'll have to see how that works out. I need to do a load of laundry and clean out my car before I can even think of leaving though. But, right now, I think it is time to drift off to dreamland.

Night, night all!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Choppy words...

We moved. I have realized that I am capable of more than I ever thought possible. Obviously, through God. It kind of makes me angry about all those times in my life when I gave up or settled for something less. I am talking physically, mentally, name it, it has been there. Wow. What a realization. Anyway...we have moved and perhaps I will put some of that new found ability to use - unpacking boxes.

We don't have internet yet (Tuesday) the local market w/prepared foods has become my home away from home at every meal. (Just ate dinner.) I'll tell ya, I am addicted to SDN and my Random peeps...HOLLA! I am having withdrawl symptoms w/out internet at home.

This week, I have some educational testing to determine wha....I am not exactly sure what this testing will determine. But, I will report back. Then, I am attending the Old Pre-Meds conference in Crystal City (Arlington), Virginia. I am really looking forward to it.

I am still very sore from the accident, but the mental angle is much more severe. My face is hurting now, I got hit there pretty decently (broke my glasses). But, I will get through it.

Life goes on...thankfully.