Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Call.

I am nearing the end of my EMT class. All we are doing now are practicals. After being cancelled, getting food poisoning (or something..) and whatnot, I finally was able to fulfill my clinical hours. The first night, I was at the rescue squad where I am taking my class. I didn't really expect much action...and the time lived up to it. Not one call. I mean, that is good because it means that no one in our region was having a problem that necessitated calling 911, but on the other hand I didn't learn anything. The second night, I worked an overnight. It was at a station that generally gets plenty of calls. It was a slow night...we got 2. I had a great time. What a rush. We were sent on two priority 1 difficulty breathing calls. The more severe of which was a 39 yo/f. Two hours later, when we ran the second call to the same hospital, she still had a sat in the mid 80s. Likely, pneumonia. I rode with a fantastic crew. I would like to join them permanently, but it is quite time consuming for a voluntary position and the number of deaths of EMTs in the line of duty in my state was pretty high last year which freaks hubby out. So, I will have to decide what I am going to do. I am going to be getting a job, so I probably should just ride as an associate until I find out my schedule...whenever that may be.

I have my EMT final tomorrow and the state exam in a couple of weeks. I also have a Developmental Psych exam on Friday and Human Physiology on Monday. I am probably most ready for the Physiology exam..which I haven't studied for. I seem to understand that pretty easily. Thankfully. (and knock on wood)

I need to schedule the GRE and get studying. A lot pressure was alleviated when I changed to nursing, but I am not using the extra time wisely. I have to admit that I am not missing Physics and Chem though. :-)

Over and out for now. I am off today and need to run a few errands before the plumber gets here this afternoon (don't ask...issues, issues).

Over and out.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wow! I knew it had been awhile since I last posted, but it's been alomst 2 weeks. Today is the primary in my state. Unfortunately, due to our moves in the last 5 years or so, I am registered to vote somewhere way outside of my actual district....like 2 hours outside so I don't anticipate voting in the primary. I will have to get it squared away before the election.

The semester is in full swing and we have taken and had returned our first exams. In Developmental Psych I got a 95% and in Human Physiology I got a 97%. I am especially pleased with the score in Phys as that class is killer. We are due to take our final written exam (before the state one) in my EMT class on Monday. I don't anticipate that date actually holding true since we had a class cancelled on Saturday in which 2 lectures were to be covered. Actually, that is better because a friend of mine is coming into town to interview with the medical school here and now I don't have to stress about not having studied. The class itself is not difficult, it is the way that the questions are phrased that throws me.

I am not a hockey fan, but did you see that video of Richard Zednik's carotid getting cut by he skate of a teammate? Though it is in French, here is the best video of it I have seen. Apparently there was a similar injury some years back and that is included as well.

[sorry, I had to take out the video, it was totally messing up my layout]

Thank God he is ok.

Well, the dogs need to go out and I am ready for breakfast. Have a good day.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Blah.

It's Super Bowl Sunday. I am not a football fan so that means reruns, laundry, internet or studying for me. Which of these would be the best choice? The one I am not doing. I had an exam in Developmental Psych last week and the scores were posted yesterday. I got a 95. I am very pleased with that. :) Tomorrow, I have to turn in my topic for my major paper for the semester. I will be writing it about pediatric cancer. Monday night, my 100 question "quiz" is due in EMT class and Wednesday I will be taking my first Physiology exam. I am not looking forward to that...at all.

I have been sleeping a lot. I don't really know why. All I seem to want to do is sleep. I have thought about whether it could be depression or just exhaustion. I can't see how I could possibly be exhausted and I have no idea what would have caused depression to rear its ugly head. Either way, it is getting on my nerves.

We have been eating at home a lot more to save money and eat healthier. Unfortunately, I think we are only accomplishing the money saving aspect. The caloric intake is really not that low. Tonight I made enchiladas. I need to make less. I cook as though we are a family of 5 and the 2 of us end up finishing it or really not having much left. That is not good. :( Anyway, I think that hubby is enjoying me cooking...you know, actually following a recipe. LOL.

I need to schedule to take the GRE. Random thought...but an important one.

Ok, outta here for now.