Friday, April 18, 2008

I am in the middle of writing my Developmental Psych paper on the psychological and psychosocial aspects of cancer. Actually, it is more than that, but I am pretty sure that those are the only things he is interested in.

I just got off the phone and found out that a dear friend of mine that I have known for 20 years is dealing with cancer again. It began in her breast 4 years ago and metastasized to her liver and brain. Thankfully, the liver and brain are clear, but now she is back in chemo because of spots in her pelvis. Geez. I am supposed to go down to San Antonio in May and am terrified of the flight. I have been trying to wiggle my way out going, but hearing her on the phone tonight was extreme.

This week has been interesting. A long story, but I no longer have to attend my Developmental Psych class. I will send my paper with a friend on Monday and take my last exam online next weekend.

Sorry, Amanda keeps texting me and it is throwing off my train of thought.

Tomorrow, I go for recertification in CPR. Unfortunately, it will take all day. I need to mow the lawn this weekend too...hopefully I can get it in before it rains. I told hubby that I would do all the mowing and he is responsible for all the weeding. Frankly, I am getting the better deal because we have a heavily landscaped lawn and it is a mess. The lawn is large, but the mower is the one chomping the grass, not me.

One more week and I am finished with my Post-Baccalaureate work! Woo hoo!! On to nursing school. My, my how things have changed. :-)