Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Who is Dr. Underdog?

I am a post-bac, pre-med student in Virginia. Having become acutely aware of the competition for medical school spots and the large black cloud (that is my undergrad GPA) hovering like death, I can only be known as Dr. Underdog. Medicine was my first goal in life and the only one left incomplete. Why? Because I listened to everyone but myself. I listened to the people who mocked me and snickered. I listened to the sucking sound when people rolled their eyes. However, instead of fighting the way I could for the dream I had, I retreated. I accepted what fell in my lap - what was easy. I did what my parents thought I should do as a profession - something traditionally creative. I succeeded.

Now, I am 31 and have cut ties to my parents. I have rid myself of unhealthy people. I have begun to believe in myself and have started down the road I always wanted to be on. It won't be as "easy" (ha) as it could have been...my UG GPA was less than stellar. Ok, it was less than unstellar...yeah, it was digusting. I am married to a wonderful man who, despite suppressing the ever-present fear that I will be hurt in this process, supports my endeavors in word and wallet. We are hoping to begin a family soon. No, that's not going to make things any easier.

Am I too old to begin my quest for medical school? I'm too young not to. Frankly, it was a concern that I struggled with for quite a while. But came to the conclusion (through the wise words of a doctor who I admire tremendously) - the next 9 years of my life are going to come one way or another...what else would I rather be doing?

So, I have returned to school. Instead of merely enrolling in a formal post-bac pre-med program, I have decided to make myself more competitive and earn another degree to raise my GPA. I am taking 2 history classes this term. History and I do not get along.