Monday, January 05, 2009

The Benzos, the Bump and the Books.

Here I am. Things are going pretty well. I am not feeling the effects of the decrease in meds as much as I was a few days ago. No more "surges" into my head at random times. It is about time for me to drop another 1/2 dose. Eek! I am now on a dose that is "safe" to get pregnant, but I really want to be off it all as does my doctor. We will start to try to conceive at the beginning on February. I am so excited!!! I have looked at more plus-sized belly pics than I can stand. Heck, it gives me something to do when I can't sleep at night. I am giving one more effort to losing a few pounds. I am doing Phase 1 of South Beach for the allotted 2 weeks. If it goes well, then I may continue for a third week, but I really can't go beyond that because we then get into baby-making time.

I am so excited and we are not even TTC yet. For those of you who don't know what the heck "TTC" means, it is trying to conceive. I had no idea what it was until my friend used the term a few years ago. Anyway, I am excited. I have ordered a couple of books for my husband who apparently thought that pregnancy tests showed positive/negative immediately. :)

I am actually quite happy to not have to go back to work. I just hope that feeling doesn't flow over into school. I will be finding out whether or not I got into nursing school in about 4 weeks. I don't know that I will actually go to the school that is my first choice, but I want to have the option. I know that sort of sounds funny. How can it be my first choice if I am not sure I will actually go there if accepted? It is close, it is a great program, it is accelerated. From what I understand however, they are not very tolerant of pregnancy. Um, well... now you understand why. There are 3 other nursing schools locally and one killer of a program an hour away. I actually need to call my friend who talked me into applying to that one. She graduated from there and I want her write me a letter of recommendation. Actually, I need to go look at all that stuff...TTFN!

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